Curriculum Statement and Implementation

St Mary’s Catholic Primary Academy are devoted to promoting a love of languages amongst our pupils, as well as promoting our children’s cultural capital. French is taught in Years 3-6. Schemes of Learning (Language Angels) are in place, alongside Teachers expert knowledge to ensure a balanced and well-distributed coverage of the attainment targets set out in the programme of study for KS2. There is continuity and progression in language learning across the key stage. Pupils develop their knowledge of France as a country, as well as being able to read texts in French, understand what a native French speaker is saying, speak the language, and write/spell in French. Our MFL units are linked via core concepts to other core and foundation subjects.

MFL (French) is taught on a weekly basis across key stage 2. Pupils begin their French learning in Year 3 by learning basic nouns, adjectives, simple phrases and core vocabulary. This is built upon throughout the year and across the key stage. By Year 6, pupils are presented with native texts, hear French speakers speaking at their native speed and create more in-depth pieces of writing.

Assessment is completed through assessment for learning by teachers (for example during the lesson, through assessment of written work, listening exercises and speaking exercises) and through final assessments at the end of units.

We enhance our language learning curriculum in various ways including off-site school visits, a study of the cultural, geographical and historical background of France and MFL workshops across key stage 2.

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MFL Documents

Please view the additional documents in school:

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Take a look at our French displays in class and around school!

Here are some pieces of work we have completed in our French lessons!