Year 6 greater depth writers have participated in a workshop led by GoRead. This was a fantastic opportunity where the children were taught by experienced educators and produced numerous pieces of work which were shared with children from other schools across the UK. This online writing workshop included group and individual tasks which were read, marked and edited by the pupil’s peers. The skills taught during this session have been implemented within lessons in school to encourage the greater depth writers to continue to use the writing and editing techniques.

Year 5 have participated in a whole class greater depth writing workshop which exposed the children to valuable reading and writing techniques to include within their long pieces of writing. The pupils were shown excellent examples of greater depth writing and had opportunities to create their own pieces of work using the techniques and skills taught within the session.

Communication Curriculum Driver: we worked together in small groups to create examples of greater depth writing. We spent time planning, writing and editing texts.

Aspirations Curriculum Driver: this experience enabled our children at St Mary’s to aspire to become greater depth writers. Children received the opportunity to read other pupils work from around the UK and comment positive points on what they had read as well as receive valuable marking and feedback from professional educators.