At St Mary’s, we recognise the importance of preparing children for life in modern Britain and promoting values that are an integral part of 21st century British society. The core British values are: mutual respect and beliefs, tolerance of those with different faiths, democracy, rule of law and individual liberty. These values are promoted and reinforced through reading and writing in a number of ways.

We encourage children, parents, governors, teaching and support staff to show respect, kindness and consideration to all and read books in English lessons and through our class library to promote this. We learn with and from one another; creating a school environment which nurtures the whole child and enables each one of us to realise their full potential.

Through our class books, texts in English, class library books, Author of the Month texts and Pleasure for Reading books we look at a range of texts which promote British Values, Diversity and Equality. We look at different cultures and how we are all different including reading stories about children from different backgrounds, cultures and books with characters who have different disabilities

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