St Mary’s Published Books – Achieving our Dreams as Part of a Team 2020

After a visit from a local author George Rosling – Author of the Four series of children’s books, children experienced a day learning all about how to become an author and illustrator. Our children were tasked to write a story with illustrations, that would be included in a storybook for our school.

The stories written by our children – from Year one to six were incredible and demonstrate how well our children work as a team to create stories and illustrations based on the multicultural adventures of four friends at school.

The stories were published into a Year 1 and 2 book, Year 3 and 4 book, and a Year 5 and 6 book to keep forever.

After working with our staff and children, George praised our school for the how hard both teachers and children worked towards completing the short stories ad working as a team. George commented “Keep reading and writing through all your academic years as this has been a fantastic success”.

Knowledge of the World Curriculum Driver: children learnt about different cultures based on the children in the books ‘The Four’ and used each other’s cultural experiences to create their own characters.

Communication Curriculum Driver: we worked together in small groups to create stories and illustrations. We spent time planning our stories, writing them and editing them.

Aspirations Curriculum Driver: this experience enabled our children at St Mary’s to aspire to become authors and illustrators for the day. Children received the opportunity to ask the author questions about how he became an author and illustrator.

Each year group will bring book home to read over the summer with their family. This book will be the first book your child will be looking at in English lessons in September.

Enjoy reading this book together.

Reception – How Do You Make a Rainbow? by Caroline Crowe

Year 1 – Chocolate cake by Michael Rosen

Year 2 – The Building Boy by Ross Montgomery

Year 3 – Alien in the Jam Factory by Chrissy Sains

Year 4 – Accidental Trouble Magnet: Book 1 (Planet Omar) by Zanib Mian

Year 5 – You Are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be by Marcus Rashford and Carl Anka

Year 6 – You Are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be by Marcus Rashford and Carl Anka