This lesson is always taught before our guided reading lessons.

Reading: KS1: Guided reading takes place in KS1 every afternoon in small groups with the teacher. The rest of the class take part in reading comprehension/echo reading. Year one and two complete a one-hour weekly comprehension lesson.

Reading KS2: complete three reading activities within the week, this includes comprehension and guided reading. Lesson 1: Pre-teach of the class text – echo reading and identifying active vocabulary.

Lesson 2: comprehension lesson: revisit and review vocabulary from lesson 1 and previous lessons. All children to echo read and complete a whole class activity independently.

Lesson 3: Guided reading lesson: First 20 minutes, whole class echo read the start of the extract from the text. Key vocabulary is taught and children answer true or false questions in pairs. Then the children split into 4 groups whereby they rotate to work with an adult in a guided reading session while the others work on independent tasks.

Communication curriculum driver: children understand the meaning of different words and are able to use these verbally and creatively in their writing.