Curriculum Statement and Implementation

In our school, each day Maths is taught to all children for an hour. The key aim and purpose of Mathematics at St Mary’s is to allow children to become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics, number and calculation, by committing to showing children how it applies in their everyday lives. We focus on the deliberate practice, interleaving and low stakes testing of these fundamentals, to ensure that our children understand and recognise the importance of the subject in their own society and surroundings.

To ensure consistency and progression staff follow a clear structure within their maths lessons. All children are presented with concrete, pictorial and abstract questions. Concrete resources are also to be used in Key Stage 2 to ensure they are fully embedding their knowledge. Teachers introduce children to key vocabulary and use careful questions to draw out the children’s reasoning. Independent work provides the means for all children to develop their fluency further, before moving their learning on in a range of reasoning and problem-solving activities, which are often linked to real-life contexts. Mathematical units are taught in blocks to enable the achievements of mastery over time.

To support us, we have a range of mathematical resources in classrooms including: Numicon, Base10, number squares, number lines, Number Blocks, counters, 2D and 3D shapes, a variety of measuring equipment, analogue and digital clocks, fractions walls etc. We also use a range of planning tools, including those provided by the White Rose, NCETM, Master the Curriculum, Number Bots, Test Base, Times Table Rockstars and specialist resources for embedding a mastery approach.

Through our teaching, we continuously monitor pupils’ progress against expected attainment for their age, making formative assessment notes where appropriate and using these to inform our discussions in termly Pupil Progress Meetings which leads onto updating our summative school tracker. The main purpose of all assessment is to always ensure that we are providing excellent provision for every child.

Maths Documents

1 Minute Maths App

Please view the additional documents in school:

  • Maths Knowledge and Skills Progression
  • Maths Vocabulary Progression
  • Maths Knowledge Organisers
  • Maths Targets
  • Medium Term Plans

Example of a Y6 Knowledge Organiser


Celebrating Number Day

Who is going to be a Times Tables Champion?

In each class, we will be competing for the times table champion! During each praise assembly, the child who has practised the most on Times Tables Rock Stars will receive a certificate.

Website Links – Try using this to be experts at your times tables. Try using this to be fantastic bots at your number and place value! There are lots of online maths games on this link for you to try. These moving maths videos help you with all different types of maths.

Y4 Multiplication Tables Check: Information for Parents