At St Mary’s, a number of Year 5 children are trained up each year to become our Peer Supporters. The children are trained in basic counselling skills such as: building relationships; effective communication; raising awareness; confidentiality and resolving problems.

These children go onto the playground at break-time and lunch-time to help other children with any problems or issues they might have. The role of our Peer Supporters is to support and guide the younger children to solve problems inside and outside the classroom and to inspire each other in their shared learning. They can act as friends, someone to turn to for advice and someone to play with if they are new to the school.

All Peer Supporters receive supervision from Mrs Marshall and are given time to discuss their concerns and opinions about the playground with their team and the peer support leader.

The Peer Mentoring Scheme offers many benefits – both to the mentors and to their fellow pupils. These include: raising aspirations; increasing self-esteem and confidence; improving social interaction and boosting academic achievement. Pupils develop life skills such as effective listening, problem solving and leadership.