Curriculum Statement and Implementation

At St Mary’s, History is taught in rotation with Geography every other half term, with our curriculum and Long-Term Plan adhering to the requirements of the National Curriculum. This is taught for one hour on a weekly basis. The Long-Term Plan is mapped out and assigned in the context of the needs of our children; topics with more challenging concepts are learnt in upper key stage 2 (years 5 and 6) to allow children to use prior knowledge to support their understanding.

The school subscribes to the Historical Association to enhance the development of Historical skills in school, while using other subscriptions to identify the key ‘sticky knowledge’ required to impart during learning. History is assessed at three points during the year, which is at the end of each term. First quality adaptive teaching is used so that all children can access learning outcomes which guarantees all children are working within their year group at assessment points.

We enhance our History curriculum with enrichment opportunities provided across the phases that take place in the form of workshops in school and off-site educational visits, as well as making use of our outdoor learning environment and timeline in our playground.

History Documents

Please view the additional documents in school:

  • History Knowledge and Skills Progression
  • History Vocabulary Progression
  • History Knowledge Organisers
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