Reading Champions

Two children from each class have been chosen by their class to become “Reading champions.” These children have demonstrated a passion and love for reading as well as confidence in speaking about books they have read.

The Role of a Reading Champion:

  • In their own class: they will share their love of reading with other children and help them to choose books from the library that they will enjoy by creating book reviews from each book they read and presenting these to the class/displaying in the book area.
  • Look after the class reading suitcase.
  • They will take part in Assemblies – At the end of every term, children will create a short presentation about the “Author of the Month” to share with the rest of the school/website.
  • Reading buddies (currently in classes but eventually across the key stages) listening to their partners reading/ using echo reading.
  • They will think of ways to encourage children to read at home by creating challenges for the whole school.
  • Record a short story to share with another year group.
  • Monitor reading corners and libraries in their classrooms.

Meet our Reading Champions:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6