At St. Mary’s, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Anti-bullying Charter Award 2020, through Wolverhampton Council. This is a huge credit to everyone who is part of our St Mary’s Family, including all our wonderful staff, children and parents and to the work we continually complete surrounding anti-bullying at school.

The charter recognises that at St Mary’s, we understand the terrible impact that bullying can have on our children’s lives–now and in the future and the on-going commitment we demonstrate to preventing and dealing with any bullying that might arise.  At St Mary’s we believe there is no place in our school for bullying, and each one of us -adults and children- have a role in taking action to prevent it. We are committed to creating a safe environment to ensure every single one of our children feel safe and happy coming to school.

Schools were asked to submit evidence, policies and children’s views on anti-bullying practises to support an application for a charter award based on certain statements. This was then examined by the B-Safe team who selected the schools which deserved to be awarded charter status.

At St. Mary’s, we all agree to:

UNDERSTAND what bullying is and its effects on people, and our school’s approach to bullying.

LISTEN to anybody who sees bullying, wants to talk about bullying or is being bullied.

TELL someone such as a teacher, other adult or peer supporter about bullying behaviour. We will never look the other way and do nothing.

TAKE ACTION by responding quickly to all bullying incidents.

CELEBRATE and welcome our differences.

RESPECT & VALUE OTHERS by being considerate and supportive to each other.

CONTRIBUTE our ideas to help the school monitor bullying and its responses

HAVE CLEAR POLICIES on bullying that are embedded in other school policies and are widely promoted and regularly reviewed. Please find out Anti-Bullying Policy here.