We have been working hard implementing new changes to the way we teach reading at St Mary’s and have introduced a whole-school Guided Reading Scheme called ‘Project X’.

Across Wolverhampton, there has been a decline in reading attainment at the end of Y6 and we are now taking part in a ‘Reading Project’ with the Local Authority with an aim to change the reading culture at St Mary’s and raise attainment in all year groups. To do this, we have written a whole-school reading development plan and all staff have received a range of training sessions since September.

Please visit this page regularly to find out about the exciting reading events and activities taking place across school and to also view current reading documents to improve the reading of our children.

Reading Launch Day

To introduce our new Project X guided reading scheme, we had a launch day. Everyone was invited to dress up in space related costumes and a series of exciting activities were planned. When pupils arrived at school, they were greeted by a crashed space-ship scene on the school field. Later in the day a team of scientists came to investigate the scene. Everyone contributed to a whole-school story which was read by the Head of School in assembly at the end of the day.