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St Mary's Catholic Primary Academy

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St Mary’s opened in 1928 and quickly expanded to accommodate the site as we see it today. The school was built to serve the Catholic population of the area, which had a large number of Irish immigrants.

Over the years the demographic of the parish has changed in line with the national trends of immigration. The school is now a community that is very ethnically diverse with 60% of pupils coming from non-British backgrounds.
The school has always been oversubscribed and been seen as a school with a “Good” reputation within the local area and the wider City of Wolverhampton. There are currently 404 full time pupils plus 64 children in our nursery. This number will increase to 485 over the next few years as the school is expanded to meet the needs of the increasing pupil numbers in the North East of Wolverhampton.

Historically the school has had very strong links to Our Lady and St Chad Catholic High School. We hope that these links with our feeder high school will grow stronger. The school converted to Academy Status as part of the Pope John 23rd Multi Academy Company in March 2015 and, through this, we hope to improve the quality of Catholic education from 3-19.

St Marys Catholic Primary Academy